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Student’s Feedback from current and previous batches:

(If you want to verify yourself I can provide you the contact details of any of the below participants)


This is the best coaching I have ever taken so far in my life time, and day by day it’s getting better for me.I have got confidence facing testing interviews and learned lot of new testing vocabularies. I also discussed about your way of coaching with my friends and most of my friends, who had advised me that the online coaching won’t be an effective one as a classroom training, asked me to update them about the next batch to enroll themselves. This online test course has saved 20 hours journey time for me in this week, since I am residing out Chennai city and by enrolling in your course I have saved 4 hours per day on traveling.I also know you will give the best.. I trusted you and here you are giving the best of the best.. Swati is a passionate trainer. She give some really simple examples to explain the complicated scenarios. She always make us think and also answer our questions smartly. The assignments are really great to make us think out of box and come up with new questions.Keep rocking, your team is doing great job.. Way to Go.. – Karuvarasan S.

I am 100% satisfied with the course and its content. Swati is very professional and explains every question I have in regards to software testing.If we have any suggestions or advice we always send a question to her and she explain it very professionally. – Aamer Choudhry

It was a great training experience in Performance Testing and HP-Load Runner 11.0 with Mr. Venkatesh Kiran. He was able to make all the trainee involve in the concepts equally. The knowledge he shared, out of his experience in IT industry, helped us a lot in understanding many concepts related to training and the industry as well. – Suhas Gaur

Venkatesh was good and a simple trainer, who tell you what a thing is all about in a non-boring manner. He is just like friend when he trains us. You have doubt ask him!, not clear ask him again, not clear, ask him again, He would be happy to explain you in different way until you understand… – Ramaguru Radhakrishnan

The online sessions are very interesting. This is the best training that I never got before from anywhere.
Many thanks. – Moise Ake

I think this class was right choice for me.  Every learner can learn more about definitions from any book, but hardly involve in practice that what makes us perfect . In my case, I have been reading many books, taking You tube online training, since from last three months, but when Swati gave us assignments  to write Test cases and Test case Scenario last week, I feel like that is what matter to become tester (think hard, be creative) instead of just reading book. – Roshan Bharatee

I took the testing course before but I like this course because it is providing us a lot of information on how testing goes in real time. I really appreciate about the live project which helped me to gain confidence about the live work. I am thankful for giving the immediate feedback to our assignment work. My Special thanks for providing quick response to our questions and the way how she explains. – Yamini Kothala

Instructor is excellent and the training material is very helpful as well. Also I will most certainly recommend this course to my friends that are interested in software testing. – Erusha Rodrigues

A Very Good Trainer. Kiran has got his own way of approaching things that sets him aside from other trainers I have had earlier. He takes up a generalized approach and then gets on to technical things which helps in understanding things easily. And he has vast knowledge on testing and is very well versed with Load-runner. One of the best trainers I have had and looking forward to work with him again. – Ashish Hulgeri

I congratulate you both for conducting this training with so much detail and smoothness. Swati is a great teacher, experienced and very knowledgeable. She is very prompt with her response and encourage and explain all the questions/answers. I have learnt a lot from this course. Thank you! – Ritu Todi

This course have been designed in such a way that everyone from any discipline can understand about the roles and activities as a test engineer in different environments of SDLC. Swati is an excellent teacher with having the best teaching techniques. I love the way she teaches, and definitely, this course has helped me to understand the whole scenario of roles of a test engineer, most importantly, the live project helped me to get knowledge how to work as a test engineer. – Farzana Nazir

All good ..extremely useful and indepth course. She has lot of patience and all questions were answered with lot of examples. – Govind Susarla

Venkatesh is an excellent trainer having sound knowledge in manual and automation testing. He is really good with Loadrunner and various other automation tools. Apart from testing, he also posses a very good knowledge of different aspects of software development cycle. The way he used to handle our queries and solve our technical problems that was really appreciable. More than a trainer, he was a friend to all of us. He taught us how to collaborate and work as a team. – Shobhit kumar lal

I have been following your website and articles for a couple of years already. There are a lot of resources on internet related to application testing but nothing comes any close to your website and information you provide.
Now I dismissed all the other sources and follow and refer only to your website. Your dedication, consistence, value and time you put to keep your website forever evolving is incredible.
It takes a special type of person to give us green testers such valuable resource of information without charging us any fees. However even if you applied some fees to have access to your articles I would happily pay, as I found your articles are educational, straight to the point and free of unnecessary verbose. Top quality and very affordable course.

Vijay, thank you very much for your work and help you provide to us greenies. I have not met you in person but I have you utter most respect and admiration for you.
Larissa Kilmetieva

Thank you so much for the certificate.

It was an intensive course which had helped to broaden my knowledge and understanding of manual testing and basic automation. Thank you for all your help support over the course period, I have learnt a lot and really enjoyed the course time.
Premalatha Govindaraj

I am really satisfied with this training ..Feeling sad that we have no more sessions now..
Shruti Gudhka

Hello Vijay,
The Course was awesome, Instructor really has explained everything in detailed manner and cleared all the doubts with much patience. It really helped a lot to enhance our QA knowledge and get to know what is QA role in real environment. It was little sad Online class has ended, it has to someday or the other i know.
Keep us updated about everything on SoftwareHelp Site, Hope you will continue your support to us whenever needed.
Best of Luck for your Future Goals.
Annu Joseph

First of all, Swati is awesome! She is a great instructor! Very professional and very thorough. I am very impressed.
Being somewhat a newbie, I felt a bit overwhelmed with so much info but finally learning the ropes. I took classes before yet not this thorough. So, I am learning more in detail than ever before.
Thank you so much!
Calvin Ryu

For someone like me that started knowing virtually nothing and learning by doing, having a class like this where definitions, descriptions, concepts are shown and explained is very valuable.

I personally liked most that. I knew empirically some concepts, because my Industrial Engineering background on Quality, but didn’t know how to call them or something, knowing there are techniques, concepts, methodologies, makes me feel that the job is well structured enough to call it a job, a career. Not always a Tester can feel like that since some of them are Devs that “end up testing” so that makes it look like Testing is the job for Devs that are not that good at it.
Gustavo Rivera

This course was really helpful.  Since I am from a non-IT background teaching about Testing from the basics helped me learn easily. I would like to keep in touch with you in future, so that I can get your guidance on how to get into Testing field.  Thank you very much once again.

First of all let me thank you for the course, your efforts, your professional and kind attitude towards learning and students.
Videos/recorded workshops are (beside books) my primary source of learning. I liked watching your recordings. I very much appriciated your professional no-nonsense approach.

I gained valuable insight in writing test cases and got a better understanding for the overall process.
Kindest regards

My experience learning Manual Testing through STH is that the way it is facilitated and explained step by step with examples makes anyone to quickly understand the process of testing life cycle and choose an entry level software testing job.  When compared to other online available manual testing tutorials STH is the best I can say!!!  You are outstanding in helping someone who are interested in learning Manual Testing.

Thanks with Regards,

The course was very helpful specially for a beginner like me in IT…Instructor taught us really well and was prompt with feedback. Thank you very much!
Swapna Iyer

The online training was really superb.

Online Software testing course was excellently organized and conducted. The assignments given after every session and the feedback about it, helped me to learn in depth about each techniques. Thank you so much for that.
Vijay provided us with wonderful ebooks, study materials,question dumps that guided and paved me to clear ISTQB CTFL with 85%.
Thank you so much Vijay.

You both are creating many aspirants like us who wanted to enter into IT field. Continue your good job and I would like to have more online sessions related to QA from STH.
Nithya Lakshmi


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