Most Frequently Asked Questions about our LIVE and VIDEO only courses.

LIVE Course FAQs:

Q. How are live courses conducted?
Ans. We are conducting online instructor-led live interactive training sessions using the GoToTraining online training tool. Each live session will be pure practical and 100% job oriented training with lots of examples for your easy understanding. Course training is provided by experienced working professionals who are passionate about the subject. Course content is designed by considering current software testing technology and the job market.

Q. What information is included on the course details page?
Ans. You can find complete course information including upcoming batch schedule, free demo sessions, detailed day wise syllabus, instructor info, and payment options on each course details page.

Q. What if I miss any live sessions? or What if I fall behind?
Ans. Don’t worry. We are recording all the sessions. So even if you miss any session you can catch up with the help of the recorded video sessions. This means you have the freedom to take any opportunity or emergency off during the course period which is not possible during classroom training. But you need to make sure to complete all assignments and submit them to us. We are very serious and strict about these assignments.

Q. Which course should I join – Live or Video?
Ans. You can join live courses for interactive learning. But if time is a constraint, you can enroll for our video only course, get instant access to all the course videos and complete the course at your own pace.

Q. What is included in the LIVE course?
Ans. Live courses include:
– LIVE instructor-led session access at the scheduled time
– Video access to your batch videos – access for lifetime
– Our premium ebook is free as a course bonus
– Our premium ISTQB study guide is free as a course bonus
– Email support even after the course completion
– Assignment check
– One-on-one sessions for professional resume guidance and mock interviews

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Q. What is included in the VIDEO only course?
Ans. The video only course includes:
– Video access for a lifetime (videos are exact recordings of live sessions including resume guidance sessions)
– Our premium ebook
– Anytime email support for all your queries

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Q. How can I join the live sessions?
Ans. We will send a course invitation email using which you can register for the live sessions. At the scheduled time, you can join the session by just clicking on the confirmation link sent to your email.

Q. What all is required to join the live sessions?
Ans. You can attend all live sessions using your system (desktop or Laptop) with a Internet connection and a good headset or speaker.

Q. Can I ask the instructor questions in a live session?
Ans. Yes, of course. You can ask questions directly to our instructor during the live session. Sometimes we mute all attendees to avoid background noise. In that case you can raise your hand to ask your question so our instructor will unmute you. You can also put your questions in the chat window so our instructor will answer those questions at some logical point when the current module being explained is completed. Also at the end of each session you will get 5-10 minutes for the QA session so that you can get all your queries answered.

Q. Will you provide assignments for our practice at home?
Ans. Yes. We will give assignments at the end of the session to judge your understanding of the topic covered in that session. You can complete these assignments before the next session and get all your answers verified by our instructor. Our instructor will provide suggestions/feedback after checking your answers to the assignments.

Q. What happens when I enroll for a LIVE course?
Ans. We will get notification after successful payment. We will then add your name and email to the list of course attendees. You will get a course invitation to join 2-3 days before the course start date.

Q. Do you provide a course completion certificate?
Ans. Yes. We will provide the course completion certificate at the end of the course.

Q. Can you help me prepare a professional resume?
Ans. Yes. We will review your resume and provide personal guidance on creating a professional resume.

Q. Can you conduct mock interview tests?
Ans. Yes. We will conduct mock interview sessions at the end of the course. You can schedule a mock interview date with our instructor. Mock interview is very helpful to practice so you can confidently appear and clear any real job interview.

Q. What if I want to join live course after video course?
Ans. If you enroll for a video only course and want to later switch to a live course you can do so by just paying the fee difference.

Video Only Course FAQs:

Q. How can I get access to the Video only course?
Ans. Once you successfully enroll for any of our video courses, you will be able to download files containing all the steps to access the course videos and bonus material. You can get instant access and can start learning quickly. You can browse through all the course videos at once.

Q. What is the duration of the video course access?
Ans. Lifetime. Meaning, enroll for the video course once and revise the training any time in the future and as many times as you want. The video course access is for a lifetime.

Q. How can I watch the videos?
Ans. You will get all the steps to access the course videos. You can watch these videos online. As the video size is huge these are available to watch online only.

Q. Do the video courses cover live projects?
Ans. Yes, the live project is part of the video course as well. You will get live project access so you can watch videos and practice.

Q. Can I get future videos added to the course?
Ans. Yes. You will get free access to all the videos added to the video course. You will receive email notifications when we add new videos to existing video courses. You can watch these videos instantly using the same account you used to access the earlier videos from the video course.

Q. What if I have questions when I buy a video only course?
Ans. You can get all your queries answered by our instructor. You will get the email address of our instructor so you can ask your queries anytime. We also have some questionable clearing sessions scheduled on request. You can get in touch with our instructor to schedule a live session to get all your doubts cleared.

General FAQs:

Q. What are all the payment options you support?
Ans. You can enroll online by making payment using a Credit card or Paypal account. If you are from India or have an Indian bank account you can pay using a direct online transfer or cash deposit to our account.

Q. Is my payment secure?
Ans. YES. All payments are processed over encrypted connections and your credit card information will NOT be stored anywhere. We use highly secure and worldwide trusted payment processors.

Q. Can I watch the demo session before joining the course?
Ans. Yes. We have uploaded demo sessions for all the courses on the respective course details page. These are the exact recordings of our live sessions. You can watch these demo sessions for free before enrolling for any course.

Q. When can I get the bonus material?
Ans. The bonus study material for live courses is sent on the second day of the course start day. The second part of this was sent before last week’s sessions. For the video course, you will get instant access to bonus material.

If your questions are still not answered in the above FAQs, don’t hesitate to contact us. We are available to answer your queries anytime.


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