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This is a complete Atlassian JIRA training video course for the very basic as well as advanced level JIRA users.

These are the recordings of our complete start to end LIVE JIRA course. This is a 4-day course with 8+ hours of HD videos.

Course Duration: Video recordings of 4-Day live course
Total hours: 8+ hours

Do you want to learn JIRA – the most popular project and issue tracking software from the experts? If you are a software developer or tester, you should learn JIRA tool as many companies are switching to JIRA to manage projects and track issues.

Learning this tool is very easy – if you join our new, improved and tester-targeted online Atlassian JIRA training course.

Introducing the Most Practical, Precise and Inexpensive hands-on JIRA training video course for a nominal one-time fee.

Learn Atlassian JIRA basics and advanced concepts in just 8 hours: If you learn it from text tutorials it will easily take your minimum 2-3 weeks’ time. But our optimized online learning experience will help you learn JIRA in just 8 hours.


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Who is this course for?

  • Software testers (entry-level as well as experienced professionals)
  • Software developers
  • Test leads and QA managers
  • Development leads and project managers
  • Business Analysts
  • Product managers, Project administrators, JIRA admins, system admins
  • Anyone interested in more about JIRA
  • No previous Atlassian JIRA experience is required

What is Included in the course?

  1. JIRA Software end to end – Traditional, Agile and Kanban project management
  2. JIRA’s extension into test management with Zephyr
  3. JIRA plug-in for Test Management (qTest)
  4. JIRA admin introduction
  5. Practice ID for all our students to work
  6. Support from getting started to perfecting this tool

What will you get with a one-time nominal fee?

  • Access to LIVE online interactive training sessions from the industry experts
  • Lifetime access to course videos so that you can revise the training anytime in future
  • Email support even after the course
  • Our premium ‘Software testing career package’ eBook free with the course!
  • Free updates for future videos

About the Instructor

Swati is the instructor for this course. She is also an instructor for our most popular Software Testing course. She is a computer science Engineering graduate with more than 10 years of Software Testing experience and also using and conducting training on Atlassian JIRA tool for many years.  

As always, our courses are concrete in terms of syllabus, professional in execution, interactive and effective. 

Detailed course syllabus:

Module 1:  

JIRA Software Concepts

  • Detailed explanation of JIRA tutorial Basic concepts with examples – Issue, project and workflow
  • Working with an issue:
    • Attaching a File
    • Attaching a Screenshot
    • Cloning an Issue
    • Commenting on an Issue
    • Creating an Issue
    • Creating a Sub-Task
    • Editing an Issue
    • Editing Rich-Text Fields
    • Emailing an Issue
    • Labeling an Issue
    • Linking Issues
    • Logging Work on an Issue
    • Modifying Multiple (‘Bulk’) Issues
    • Moving an Issue
    • Scheduling an Issue
    • Setting Security on an Issue
    • Viewing an Issue’s Change History
    • Watching and Voting on an Issue
  • Issue creation Best Practices
  • Importing issues into JIRA from Excel
  • Customize – Dashboards and user profile
  • Generating Reports
  • Issue Navigator
  • Understanding “Projects” and working with them
  • Search
    • Basic and advanced search features
    • Search result usage –export to various formats and creation of charts
    • Saved Search

Module 2: 

JIRA for Agile – SCRUM and Kanban

  • A detailed explanation of JIRA agile methodology
  • How to set up and Agile Project
  • How to create Agile Stories (Epics)/issues
  • How to create backlogs
  • How to prioritize and create sprints
  • Sprint Planning
  • How to monitor the sprint through scrum boards
  • A real time example of a scrum board and comparative analysis of JIRA scrum board to a physical one
  • Kanban boards
  • Customizing the agile workspace
  • Agile reports

Module 3: 

JIRA administration training (Cloud) – An introduction

  • JIRA download, installation, and licensing
  • Migration to JIRA from Excel sheets/.CSV files
  • JIRA Project Management
    • Defining a Project
    • Managing Project Role Membership
    • Defining a Component
    • Managing Versions
  • JIRA User Management
    • Managing Users
    • Managing Groups
    • Managing Project Roles
    • Migrating User Groups to Project Roles
  • Configuring work flows
  • Setting accesses and permissions
  • Setting email and other notifications
  • JIRA Workflow Administration
    • Basic workflow concepts
    • Example workflows in real life
    • JIRA default workflow
    • Issue resolution
    • Capturing and presenting your Data
    • Custom fields
    • Mandatory fields
    • Common workflow configuration mistakes
    • Configuring workflows
    • Transitions, conditions and post functions
    • Step by step workflow configuration example

Module 4: 

JIRA augmentation with Zephyr for test management

  • Add-on installation and configuration
  • Creating ‘Test’ issues
  • Linking Test cases to requirements
  • Creating, managing and running test cycles and sets
  • Defect reporting
  • Establishing traceability
  • Test reports from JIRA

Module 5: 

JIRA plug-in for Test Management – qTest Integration (One example for plug-ins)

  • Add-on installation and configuration
  • Requirement retrieval
  • Adding Test cases and linking them to JIRA requirements
  • Create Test cycles and test run
  • Defect Management
  • qTest Add-on JIRA Widget

Comparison of Plug-in and Augmentation solutions for JIRA’s extension into test management.


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