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Upcoming Batch Schedule:

Course name: Performance Testing with HP LoadRunner (Basic + Advanced) Training
Course start date:  13th November 2017
Time: 6.00 PM PST  13th Nov 2017 | 9.00 PM EST 13th Nov 2017 | (i.e 7.30 AM IST 14th Nov 2017)

Course Duration: Approximately 5 weeks, Regular Weekdays Monday to Thursday sessions, 4 days per week, around 2 hours per day. Total 35+ hours live training sessions and live project + access to all training videos and bonus material.

Live training sessions will be conducted using the GoToTraining online training software. You don’t need an account. We will send an invitation to join the live sessions.

Introducing the Most Practical, hands-on and Inexpensive Performance Testing with LoadRunner online training Course.

Course Overview Session:

Here is all new and improved Performance testing with LoadRunner online training course of 35+ hours conducted by the LoadRunner expert having 13+ years of practical industry experience!

Learn all the basic and advanced performance testing concepts with hands-on practical examples. The course syllabus is designed by considering the current job market trends and industry requirements.

At the end of the course be ready to handle any performance testing project using LoadRunner tool. Even if you are using any other performance testing tool, this course will provide you core guidelines for utilizing it for maximum benefits in less time.

Who is this Course for?

  • Perfect for beginners to experienced level professionals who want to make career in performance testing
  • Best for Software Testers, QAs, Developers, BAs, Leads, and Managers
  • Best for entry level candidates who wants to learn Performance testing using LoadRunner
  • You can start this course with basic manual testing skills
  • The best QA testing career option for those who want to be in automation testing with basic programming skills

Instructor Reviews:

For those that are interested in getting knowledge on Loadrunner, I recommend taking sessions with Kumar. He has taken high-quality training sessions for my team of 40+ members in Infosys. He did a stupendous job. – Manjulatha S.

I had extremely loved all your sessions because you taught us in a very simplistic manner and I am extremely proud that my search on the net found me your course.Thank you for your wonderful sessions. The concepts are so very well explained that I feel that I have joined the perfect class to learn loadrunner. – Ratan K

As someone who has attended many online courses, I must say that Kumar, is so far the best instructor ever. Very professional, knowledgeable and patient on explaining the topic multiple times till the point that everyone really understands. The price I paid was worth the money, highly satisfied! Thank you, you are the best! – Armand P.

Kumar has a good knowledge about the subject matter and his ways of teaching and making the student understand about a topic is superb! – Mainali

I started this course with zero knowledge in Loadrunner,and I was sceptic at first, if I would be able to catch the others that seemed to have some previous knowledge. I am very glad that Kumar started from the basics to advanced topics and did not leave any topics uncovered. 10/10 – Rudra

It was one of the best Training sessions I have gone through. It was most interactive course with practical problems and solutions and lot of real time issues discussed during the sessions. I have to mention that your knowledge base on Load Runner and Performance Test is just great and I appreciate the way you carry out the sessions. All in all it was great being part of these sessions. – Shashank

I thoroughly enjoyed sessions taken by Mr. Kumar on Loadrunner. He was excellent in explaining concepts very clearly by quoting simple but effective examples. I will strongly recommend for any PT sessions. – Phaneedra R.

I have attended Kumar’s training on Performance Testing with HP LoadRunner. The trainer was excellent in terms of knowledge and communication skills. Moreover, he made the sessions more vibrant and fun. I enjoyed the training. – Ram J.


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  • Practical Performance Testing with HP LoadRunner training on latest version with hands-on examples
  • LoadRunner training by experienced working professional who is passionate about performance testing
  • Instructor-led LIVE training sessions
  • Course content designed by considering current LoadRunner requirements and the job market
  • Practical assignments at the end of every session
  • Live project work and examples
  • Interview and resume preparation guidance sessions
  • Free eBooks to learn manual testing as well
  • Video recordings available to revise training
  • Assistance for passing the ISTQB certification with our premium ISTQB question bank
  • Course completion certificate (on request)
  • All-time support for your questions
  • Lifetime enrollment – Pay a one-time fee and access video training sessions as many times as you want.  (no need to worry about missing any session)

Course syllabus:

Module # 1

Architecture Basics:

  • What is Architecture
  • The importance of Architecture for performance testing.
  • Understanding servers
  • Web/ APP/ DB Servers and their purpose
  • What is Protocol
  • Different types of protocols and understanding HTTP protocol.
  • Different types of Architectures
  • 2- Tier, 3- tier, n- tier architecture.
  • Static Content, Dynamic Content

Module #2

Introduction to Performance Testing:

  • What is Testing – Functional Testing and non-Functional Testing?
  • What is Performance Testing?
  • Why Performance Testing?
  • Common Performance problems
  • Performance Testing process.
  • Performance Testing phases / Life Cycle
  • Performance testing tools
  • Benefits of Performance Testing
  • Types of Performance Testing (Load, Stress, Volume, Endurance & Scalability)
  • Identifying the business scenarios for Performance Testing
  • Think time, rendezvous point, IP Spoofing
  • Workload Modeling

Module #3

NFR gathering:

  • What are Non- Functional requirements
  • Different types of Requirements – Product requirements & Process requirements.
  • Deriving NFRs
  • NFRs Verifiability.
  • Performance testing requirements analysis.
  • Collect performance requirements data
    • Infrastructure Data
    • Growth Data
    • Transaction Data
    • Workload pattern Data
    • Quality of Service (QoS) Data
    • Data retention Information.

Module #4

Introduction to LoadRunner:

  • What is LoadRunner?
  • Why LoadRunner?
  • LoadRunner Components
  • LoadRunner Protocols
  • Protocol Advisor
  • LoadRunner Architecture
  • How LoadRunner works?
  • Load Test Process
  1. Vugen:
  • What is Vugen?
  • Why Vugen?
  • Vugen Workflow
  • Vugen Recording options
  1. Correlation:
  • What is Correlation?
  • Why Correlation?
  • Web_reg_save_param() function
  • Web_reg_save_param() function with regular expression
  • How to identify which values to correlate
  • Correlation Rules
  1. Checkpoints:
  • What are checkpoints?
  • Types of checkpoints?
  1. Transactions:
  • What are Transactions?
  • Why Transactions?
  • Syntax with example
  • Nested Transactions with syntax and example
  • Transaction naming standards
  1. Comments in the script:
  • Why use comments in the scripts?
  • How to insert comments in the scripts?
  1. Vugen Logs:
  • Vugen logs
  • Recorded log
  • Replay log
  • Compilation errors
  • Runtime Data
  1. Script Structure:
  • Script Structure
  • Multiple action files
  • Script Rules
  1. Parameterization
  • What is Parameterization?
  • Why Parameterization?
  • Objectives of Parameterization
  • Parameter types
  • Simulate Parameters
  • Parameter Properties
  • Parameter combinations
  1. Basic C functions and LR functions
  • atoi()
  • itoa()
  • lr_eval_string()
  • lr_save_string()
  • lr_save_int()
  1. RunTime Settings
  • Run Logic
  • Pacing
  • Log
  • Think Time
  • Speed Simulation
  • Browser Emulation
  • Proxy
  • Blocks – Multiple Actions
  • Think time vs Pacing
  1. Script covering all topics
  • Web Tours application script which covers all the above topics.
  • Advanced scripts covering following topics
    • Using correlated parameters as an array.
    • Randomly picking values from drop-down list
  • How to create a File to store data?

Module #5


  • What is Controller?
  • Different kind of Scenario’s (Basic Schedule, Real World Schedule, by group, by scenario)
  • Scenarios Creation.
  • Adding Load Generators and verifying the connectivity
  • Load Generators, Calculating the # of LGs for a load test.
  • Run Time settings
  • Executing the tests
  • Post-execution activity
  • Monitoring servers through controller
  • Windows resources.

Module #6


  • What is Analyzer?
  • Auto Load Analysis
  • Session Explorer
  • 90thPercentile
  • Analyzer Graphs
  • Analyzer Reports
  • Drill-down
  • Granularity
  • Auto Correlate
  • Cross Results
  • Merge Graphs
  • Web Page Diagnostics

Module #7

Performance Bottleneck Analysis:

  • What are Bottlenecks?
  • Sources of data
    • Traces
    • Counters
  • Load Testing tool data
  • Typical Parameters monitored for Bottleneck analysis
  • Bottleneck Analysis – Some Heuristics
  • Performance Tuning – A Sample Case Study

Module #8

  • The project covering all the above topics.
    • The project should be completed by students within 7 days after completion of the course.
    • Key will be provided after the project submission.
  • Resume guidance. 

LoadRunner Hands-on Demo Session:

Course Bonuses:

Bonus 1 – Our premium Software Testing Career Package eBook valued $15, yours for free: Software Testing Career PackageThis is the best ebook to learn manual testing concepts while you are learning LoadRunner automation tool. Every crucial aspect of software testing is covered in this eBook. It is a valuable reference source for new software testers, managers, and developers, alike. You will get a 13o+ pages PDF with a systematic and simple way to understand software testing methodology along with a bonus chapter – Freelance testing opportunities for testers to earn extra income! 

Bonus 2 – ISTQB Premium question bank and study material valued more than $35, yours for free: Our ISTQB study material will provide everything for you to prepare for this exam. The material is verified by certified ISTQB experts and many students who actually used this material for passing the exam with high scores. 

About the Instructor:

I’ve nearly 13+ years of rich, varied and extensive experience in the field of Software Testing. My insatiable hunger for imparting knowledge has motivated to put a break on my illustrious career in delivery and start my beautiful journey as an instructor. As a result of this decision, I have gained a perfect blend of 8+ years of real time experience and 5+ years of training experience.

During this journey, I have taken 100+ batches and trained 1000+ students via different modes (Online, classroom). Worked with major IT leaders such as Infosys, MindTree, IBM, etc in delivering high-quality training.

My core competency includes performance testing using tools LoadRunner, Performance Center and StromRunner Load.

Instructor More Reviews:

The instructor was good at facilitating the lessons (Performance Testing) and motivating us. I attended Performance Testing Boot Camp Using Load Runner, HP Diagnostics etc. He has good knowledge of NFR, Workload Modeling, Scripting(Web-HTTP/HTML, Web Services etc), Scenario Designing, Analysis Test Result and Bottleneck Analysis. He explained things that trainees found hard to understand and simplified them so that we could understand better. He was also good at making the lesson more fun and interesting. – Subrata D.

It is my sincere pleasure to recommend the instructor as Performance Testing trainer. He is a driven, organised instructor with excellent communication and technical skills. He is having strong knowledge base on performance testing and engineering concepts and able to deliver in very efficient way. He develops inspiring relationships with trainees and assist them whenever required. – Sagar S.

The instructor has stupendous knowledge in Performance Testing. He always takes the time to support anyone is his network. I recommend him as a expert to connect with and consider for anything appropriate. – Pallavi G.


Upcoming Batch Schedule:

Course name: Performance Testing with HP LoadRunner (Basic + Advanced) Training
Course start date:  13th November 2017
Time: 6.00 PM PST  13th Nov 2017 | 9.00 PM EST 13th Nov 2017 | (i.e 7.30 AM IST 14th Nov 2017)

Pricing and Payment Options:

=> LoadRunner Live + Videos
Fees for Live sessions + Videos + Interview Questions + All Bonuses:
US $200 Only US $149 or INR 12000 Only INR 8990/-  (That’s more than 25% discount for limited seats only).

Payment Options:

Option #1) Secured Credit Card Payment:

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Thank you,
Founder and CEO

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