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This is a complete software testing video course. These are the recordings of our complete start to end LIVE course. There are more than 14+ HD training videos of Software Testing training with over 30 hours of training content.

Total Lectures: 15
Total Duration: 30+ hours


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  • LIVE PROJECT End to End Software Testing Training Included
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  • Best suitable for beginners to advanced level users and who learn faster when demonstrated
  • Course content designed by considering current software testing technology and the job market
  • Practical assignments at the end of every session
  • Resume Preparation Guidance for Testers Included
  • Download Real Software Testing Templates like Test Plan, Test Cases and other important Templates
  • Software Testing Certification Guidance
  • Learn Test and Defect Management Tools like JIRA, qTest, and Bugzilla
  • Automation overview
  • Getting Started with QTP


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What is Included in this Online Video Course?

See course content below:

Day #1: SDLC and Introduction to Software Testing

Lecture Description:

In this lecture we will learn:
What is:
Platform and

We will also find answers to the most common questions:
Why do we test?
Why do we have separate testing teams?
What does a tester’s job include?
Why choose a testing job?
And importantly - Qualities of a tester?

Day 1 - files and running notes

Please find the training plan, the SDLC, the use case we created in class and today's running notes

1) Training Plan.xlsx
2) Running notes.docx
3) Gmail Login- example usecase


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Day #2: V model, Verification and Validation, QA Vs QC

day 2

Lecture Description:

Manual testing basics class:

  • What is software quality?
  • What is Defect/ Error?
  • V- model of software development
  • When to stop testing?

Day 2 - files and running notes (You can download these files under all sessions when you enroll)

1) Testing phases.xlsx
2) Day 2.docx


Day #3: Test Scenarios, Template, Agile Development, Types of testing

day 3

Lecture Description:

Main topic covered in this lecture: Agile development methodology- QA team’s role

  • Different types of testing
  • What is QA Process?
  • Why process?
  • What is Feasibility study?
  • Agile methodology in detail

Day 3 - files and running notes

Please find today's notes in the attachments.
There is also a zip file with the test scenarios you all created. Pick one for review as part of the day 3 assignment.

1) Day 3.docx
2) Day 3.xlsx
3) Pick one for
4) Product back log.xlsx



Day #4: STLC, QA Processes

day 4

Lecture Description:

Software testing life cycle (STLC)

What you will learn about STLC:
1. Test planning – requirement analysis, test strategy, timelines, resources, infrastructure requirements, scope of testing
2. Test documentation – decide what all documents do we need- test scenarios, test case, defect reporting template/bug tracker, status report template, establish communication guidelines
3. Test environment set up – making your hardware, computers all set in the configuration, test data requirements and collecting
4. Test design- test cases are documented
5. Test execution- running your tests that you have documented and recording the results
6. Defect management/reporting

Day 4 - files and running notes

1) Day 4.docx
2) Training Plan.xlsx



Day #5: Test cases, Test data, Test Script, Test Planning and Template

day 5

Lecture Description:

In this lecture you will learn:

What is test case?
What is test data?
What is test script?

Test Planning in detail:

Test plan:
1. Test scope – what are we testing? What are we not testing?
2. Test objectives- have all the scenarios listed, provide a link to the document
3. Resources – roles and responsibilities
4. Assumptions – the machine will be available to me the day before test cycle begins
5. Risk analysis –
6. Test design – test cases and the order of execution
7. Test schedules
8. Test data management – where will you get the data from, what kind of data,
9. Test environment
10. Link to a requirements is provided
11. Test approach
12. Approvals and sign off
13. Communication approach – reporting format, know who to report to, escalation path –
14. Test tools – review checklist, test case template, automation tool, test management tool.

Day 5 - files and running notes

1) Day 5.docx
2) Sample test plan written in class.docx



Day #6: Builds, Test Documentation

day 6

Lecture Description:

In this lecture you will learn:

  • Test documentation
  • Test cases- format – excel, word
  • Peer review
  • Example test scenarios and test cases

Day 6 - files and running notes

1) Day 6.docx



Day #7: Test Environment set up, Coverage, Bug Injection rate, Test Readiness review

day 7

Lecture Description:

In this lecture you will learn:

  • What is Coverage?
  • Version controlling
  • Test environment details: Dev, QA , prod
  • Characteristics of good environment

Day 7 - files and running notes

1) Requirments for Kaiser Permanent_Rasika.docx
2) Test Readiness Review Checklist.docx
3) Day 7.docx



Day #8: Test Data, Incident, BVA, EP, Error guessing

day 8

Lecture Description:

In this lecture you will learn:

  • What is Incident?
  • What is test data
  • Field level validations

Test design techniques:

  • Boundary value analysis
  • Equivalence partitioning
  • Error guessing

Day 8 - files and running notes

1) Day 8.docx



Day #9: Test Cases, Scalability, Decision Table, State transition diagrams

day 9

Lecture Description:

In this lecture you will learn:

  • Test case design techniques:
  • Decision table
  • State transition diagram
  • Example Test case template
  • Example test plan template

Day 9 - files and running notes

1) Decision table.xlsx
2) Example test plan.docx
3) State transition diagram.docx
4) Word _Test case template.docx



Day #10: Test Execution Entire Flow and Test Reports

day 10

Lecture Description:

Learn following Test execution details in this lecture:

  • Test documentation
  • Test data gathering
  • Test execution report
  • Bug report
  • Actual result
  • Pass percentage
  • Execution rate
  • Risk based testing

Day 10 - files and running notes

1) Class notes day 10.xlsx



Day #11: Defect life cycle, Defect management, Test Reviews

day 11

Lecture Description:

Learn what is:

  • Desk Checking
  • Defects – Defect Management, Defect Lifecycle

Discussion on following fields in defect reporting:

  1. Defect ID number
  2. Descriptive defect name and type
  3. Source of defect – test case or other source
  4. Defect severity
  5. Defect priority
  6. Defect status (e.g., open, fixed, closed, user error, design, and so on) – more robust tools provide a status history for the defect
  7. Date and time tracking for either the most recent status change, or for each change in the status history
  8. Detailed description, including the steps necessary to reproduce the defect
  9. Component or program where defect was found
  10. Screen prints, logs, etc., that will aid the developer in the resolution process
  11. Stage of origination
  12. Person assigned to research and correct the defect

Day 11 - files and running notes

1) Week 3 day 1.ppt
2) Defect managment and Stress testing.xlsx



Day #12: Test Strategy, UAT

day 12

Lecture Description:

Learn in this lecture:

  • Defining Test Strategy
  • What it contains?

Main topic of learning is UAT (User Acceptance Testing)

  • Alpha and beta testing
  • Testing team's task for the UAT phase



Day #13: Traceability Matrix, Risk Analysis, JIRA

day 13

Lecture Description:

What you will learn in this lecture:

  • Tractability matrix
  • Risk Analysis

Main topic: JIRA defect and test management tool
You will learn how to use JIRA tool for defect logging and test project management.



Day #14: Bugzilla, 7 Quality Control Tools

day 14

Lecture Description:

What you will learn in this lecture:

  • 7 Quality control tools - various tools you can use for quality control.
  • Overview of Bugzilla - Defect management tool

Day 14 - files and running notes

Bugzilla Link:



Day #15: HP ALM (QC), Benchmarking

day 15

Lecture Description:

What you will learn in this lecture:

  • HP ALM (QC) - Application Life-cycle management tool. Complete details of this with practical overview.
  • HP ALM Demo.



Day #16: Software Project End to end flow, Live Project Walk through, Test Automation

day 16

Lecture Description:

What you will learn in this lecture:

  • Live Project - Software project end to end flow
  • Overview of live project
  • How you can start working on a project

Test automation orientation.

Day 16 - files and running notes

1) Class notes day 16.docx
2) Live Project.docx
3) Project activities.xlsx



Day #17: QTP Walk through, Test case, scenario writing process in Automation

day 17

Lecture Description:

What you will learn in this lecture:

  • Software test life cycle - A brief revision
  • Automation orientation
  • QTP Walk through

Day 17 - files and running notes

1) Class 17 notes.xlsx



Day #18: QTP Overview, Live Project Test Documents, Testing Certifications (ISTQB, CSTE)

day 18

Lecture Description:

What you will learn in this lecture:

  • QTP Overview
  • Live Project FSD - Walk through
  • ISTQB Certification Overview
  • CSTE certification overview

Day 18 - files and running notes

1) SoftwareTestingHelp - Live Project FSD.docx



Day #19: Resume Preparation, Software Configuration Change Management, Live project docs

day 19

Lecture Description:

What you will learn in this lecture:

  • Resume - how to write an effective professional resume
  • Software configuration and change management
  • Live project - Test plan walk through

Day 19 - files and running notes

1) Live Project_Test Plan.docx



Day #20: Interview Preparation, Questions and Answers

day 20

Lecture Description:

What you will learn in this lecture:

  • Resume - how to write an effective professional resume
  • Software configuration and change management
  • Live project - Test plan walk through


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