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Check Course details like Schedule,  Syllabus, demo session, and pricing details:

Upcoming Batch Schedule:

Course name: Performance Testing with HP LoadRunner (Basic + Advanced) Training
Course start date: 29th August 2016
Time: 7.30 AM PDT  29th Aug 2016 | 10.30 AM EDT 29th Aug 2016 | (i.e 8.00 PM IST 29th Aug 2016)

Course Duration: Approximately 2 Weeks, Regular Weekdays Monday to Friday batches, 5 days per week, around 3 hours per day. Live training sessions and live project + access to all training videos and bonus material.

Live training sessions will be conducted using the GoToTraining online training software. You don't need an account. We will send invitation to join the live sessions.


Introducing the Most Practical, hands-on and Inexpensive Performance Testing with LoadRunner online training Course.

Here is all new and improved Performance testing with LoadRunner online training course of 30+ hours conducted by the LoadRunner expert having 20+ years of IT and training experience!

Learn all the basic and advanced performance testing concepts with hands-on practical examples. The course syllabus is designed by considering the current job market trends and industry requirements.

At the end of the course be ready to handle any performance testing project using LoadRunner tool. Even if you are using any other performance testing tool, this course will provide you core guidelines for utilizing it for maximum benefits in less time.

Who is this Course for?

  • Perfect for beginners and experienced professionals who want to make performance testing career
  • Best for Software Testers, Developers, BAs, Leads, and Managers
  • Best for beginners who wants to learn Performance testing using LoadRunner
  • Can start this course with basic manual testing skills
  • Good automation testing career option for those who want to be in automation testing with basic programming skills

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Why Enroll with SoftwareTestingHelp?

  • Practical LoadRunner training on latest version with hands-on examples
  • LoadRunner training by experienced working professional who is passionate about performance testing
  • Instructor-led LIVE training sessions
  • Course content designed by considering current LoadRunner requirements and the job market
  • Practical assignments at the end of every session
  • Live project work and examples
  • Interview and resume preparation guidance sessions
  • Free eBooks to learn manual testing as well
  • Video recordings available to revise training
  • Assistance for passing the ISTQB certification with our premium ISTQB question bank
  • Course completion certificate (on request)
  • All-time support for your questions
  • Lifetime enrollment - Pay one time fee and access video training sessions as many times as you want.  (no need to worry about missing any session)


Course Overview Session:


Course syllabus:

Module #1:

  1. Introduction to Performance Testing
  • What is Testing?
  • What is Performance Testing?
  • Why Performance Testing?
  • Types of Performance Testing
  • Common Performance problems
  • Performance Testing process
  • Performance testing tools
  1. Introduction to LoadRunner
  • What is LoadRunner?
  • Why LoadRunner?
  • LoadRunner Components
  • LoadRunner Protocols
  • Protocol Advisor
  • LoadRunner components License
  • LoadRunner Architecture
  • How LoadRunner works?
  • Load Test Process

Module #2:

  1. Vugen:
  • What is Vugen?
  • Why Vugen?
  • Vugen Workflow
  • Vugen Recording options
  1. Correlation:
  • What is Correlation?
  • Why Correlation?
  • Web_reg_save_param() function
  • Correlation text flags
  • Correlation Rules

Module #3:

  1. Checkpoints:
  • What are checkpoints?
  • Types of checkpoints ?
  1. Transactions:
  • What are Transactions?
  • Why Transactions?
  • Syntax with example
  • Nested Transactions with syntax and example
  • Transaction standards
  1. Comments in script:
  • Why to use comments in the scripts?
  • How to insert comments in the scripts?
  1. Vugen Logs:
  • Vugen logs
  • Recorded log
  • Replay log
  • Compilation errors
  • Errors, Warnings
  • Runtime Data
  1. Script Structure:
  • Script Structure
  • Multiple action files
  • Script Rules

Module #4:

  1. Parameterization
  • What is Parameterization?
  • Why Parameterization?
  • Objectives of Parameterization
  • Parameter types
  • Simulate Parameters
  • Parameter Properties
  • Parameter combinations

Module #5:

  1. C functions and File concepts
  • atoi()
  • itoa()
  • How to create a File to store data?
  • How to create Unique File & How to verify created file?
  1. RunTime Settings
  • Run Logic
  • Pacing
  • Log
  • Think Time
  • Miscellaneous
  • Speed Simulation
  • Browser Emulation
  • Content Check
  • Proxy
  • Blocks – Multiple Actions
  • Think time vs Pacing

Module #6:

  1. LR Functions, LR Versions & Vugen Error Messages
  • Load Runner Functions
  • Load Runner Versions
  • Vugen Error Messages
  1. Script covering all topics
  • Explanation of web Tours application script which covers all the above topics
  1. Protocols
  • Web Bundle Protocol

Module #7 & Module #8:

  1. Controller
  • What is Controller?
  • Scenarios Creation
  • Design and Run Views
  • Post execution activity
  • Scenario Checklist

Module #9:

  1. Analyzer
  • What is Analyzer?
  • Auto Load Analysis
  • Session Explorer
  • 90th Percentile
  • Analyzer Graphs
  • Analyzer Reports
  • Drill-down
  • Granularity
  • Auto Correlate
  • Cross Results
  • Merge Graphs

Module #10:

  1. Performance Analysis Approach
  • Performance Analysis approach
  • Server Monitoring metrics
  • Performance Bottlenecks
  • Some other important topics
  • Server Monitoring tool

Module #11:

  1. Live Project covers PT end to end process

Module #12:

20. Resume Guidance & Interview session

Summary and sample interview questions for each topic.



LoadRunner Hands-on Demo Session:


 Course Bonuses:

Bonus 1 - Our premium Software Testing Career Package eBook valued $15, yours for free: Software Testing Career PackageThis is the best ebook to learn manual testing concepts while you are learning LoadRunner automation tool. Every crucial aspect of software testing is covered in this eBook. It is a valuable reference source for new software testers, managers, and developers, alike. You will get a 13o+ pages PDF with systematic and simple way to understand software testing methodology along with a bonus chapter - Freelance testing opportunities for testers to earn extra income!


Bonus 2 - ISTQB Premium question bank and study material valued more than $35, yours for free: Our ISTQB study material will provide everything for you to prepare for this exam. The material is verified by certified ISTQB experts and many students who actually used this material for passing the exam with high scores.


About the Instructor: 
Venkatesh K. will be facilitating LoadRunner training sessions. He is having 20+ years of Total IT Experience with multiple roles in fields like Software Quality Assurance, Testing, Software Development and Corporate training. End-to-end involvement in several manual, automation and performance testing projects. He has successfully conducted 25+ training batches for Performance testing with LoadRunner - almost all with 100% positive feedback.


Instructor Reviews:

Instructor is an excellent trainer having in-depth knowledge on LoadRunner, Automation Frameworks and scripting - Smita

He is the best trainer I have ever met.... An expert in LoadRunner...technically sound....He is into implementing things practically rather than just having the theoretical knowledge...He explained us in a way in which we used to understand, like giving some practical examples...this helped us a lot in learning new concepts...He emphasized more on gaining knowledge and handled all the queries of each and every individual..
More than our mentor he is a very good friend for us..His guidance and support built lot of confidence... - Akhila reddy

It was a great training experience in Performance Testing and HP-Load Runner with Mr. Venkatesh K. He was able to make all the trainee involve in the concepts equally. The knowledge he shared, out of his experience in IT industry, helped us a lot in understanding many concepts related to training and the industry as well. - Suhas Gaur

Venkatesh is very much excellent in what he does, with vast and sound knowledge in Load Runner as well as QC. His way of taking sessions is of no comparison.The friendly environment he creates helps the people to be more interactive. Hoping to work with him more as he is by far the best trainer I have met. - Tirthankar Sutradhar

He is the best trainer who has a sound knowledge of automation testing and also makes the classes highly interactive. Training under him has provided us a good knowledge in Load Runner. His teaching efficiency is so high that he makes difficult things sound easy. - Dippak P R Patel

Instructor is a very creative and dedicated person. His mastery on the subject immediately establishes his credibility among students. The atmosphere which he builds in the session is very conducive to learning, he can elaborate and build concepts very easily. His knowledge in LoadRunner is amazing. I have personally learnt a lot from him which is proving to be very helpful to me in my current job. As I was a fresher when I took training under him and new to IT industry, I really thank him for laying such a strong foundation for me in the industry. All the best - Bhaskar Srivastava

He is an excellent trainer having sound knowledge in manual and automation testing. He is really good with LoadRunner and various other automation tools. Apart from testing, he also posses a very good knowledge of different aspects of software development cycle. The way he used to handle our queries and solve our technical problems that was really appreciable. More than a trainer, he was a friend to all of us. He taught us how to collaborate and work as a team - Shobhit kumar lal

Venkatesh is a very resourceful trainer, with sound knowledge about all the testing tools.., We got to learn many new concepts of testing under his guidance during his training tenure with us - Sindhu Alampalli


Upcoming Batch Schedule:

Course name: Performance Testing with HP LoadRunner (Basic + Advanced) Training

Course start date: 29th August 2016
Time: 7.30 AM PDT  29th Aug 2016 | 10.30 AM EDT 29th Aug 2016 | (i.e 8.00 PM IST 29th Aug 2016)


Pricing and Payment Options:

=> LoadRunner Live + Videos
Fees for Live sessions + Videos + Interview Questions + All Bonuses:
US $200 Only US $149 or INR 12000 Only INR 8990/-  (That's more than 25% discount for limited seats only).


Payment Options:

Option 1) Secured Credit Card Payment:

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Option 3) Manual Payment in INR:

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Note: Indian participants need to use option 1 or 3 as Paypal payment is not supported for Indian accounts.


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Please note that we have limited seats per batch. So make sure to get on the batch ASAP and reserve your seat before we close enrollments for this most practical, inexpensive, hands-on LoadRunner training.


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