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Selenium WebDriver + JAVA Training Course - Weekend Batch


By Team

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Test Automation Using Selenium WebDriver + JAVA


Upcoming Batch Schedule:

Course name: Selenium WebDriver + JAVA Training - weekend batch
Course start date: Not scheduled yet
Time: 6.00 AM PST 28th Jan | 9.00 AM EST 28th Jan | 2.00 PM London time 28th Jan | i.e. 7.30 PM IST 28th Jan 2017
Course Duration: 6 Weeks, Saturday-Sunday Batch, 2 days per week, ~3 hours per day. Total 35+ hours of Live training sessions and live project + access to all training videos and bonus material.

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Hi Everyone,

We have redesigned our Selenium Training course syllabus to meet growing skill demands of the current job market. Here is all new Selenium WebDriver and Java course covering concepts from basics to advance test automation.

Weekdays Selenium training batch with comprehensive course curriculum:

Please continue reading to get more details about this Online Selenium WebDriver + JAVA Training batch from the experienced professionals at

The Most Practical, hands-on and Inexpensive Selenium WebDriver + JAVA Training Course.

This online course is designed by working professionals in a way that the course will progress from introducing you to the basics of automation testing using Selenium to the most advanced Selenium topics. We will also make sure to teach you JAVA basic and advanced techniques which will ease your Selenium learning process.


Who is this Course for?

In this course, we will teach you the most practical things required for you to get and survive an automation testing job.

This is a perfect course for those who are:

  • Software Testers who wants to start with automation testing
  • Software Testers who wants to get an automation testing job
  • Automation testers who want to upgrade their skills
  • QA engineers
  • Test leads/managers
  • Experienced professionals from IT or Non-IT background having basic knowledge of software testing and wants to explore automation testing skills.
  • Those who want to learn automation testing process and frameworks


Why Enroll with SoftwareTestingHelp?

  • Practical Selenium training with hands-on examples
  • Instructor-led LIVE training sessions, you can ask queries directly to our instructor
  • Real-time LIVE PROJECT used for training
  • JAVA basic plus advanced training to ease your Selenium learning process
  • All materials PPT, daily notes, and video recordings shared after the session
  • Selenium training by experienced working professionals who are passionate about automation testing
  • Course content designed by considering current Selenium requirements and the job market
  • Practical assignments at the end of every session
  • Individual mock interview session
  • Free eBooks to learn manual testing as well
  • Video recordings available to revise training
  • Assistance for passing the ISTQB certification with our premium ISTQB question bank
  • Course completion certificate (on request)
  • All-time support for your questions
  • Lifetime enrollment - Pay the one-time fee and access video training sessions as many times as you want.  (no need to worry about missing any session)

I just wanted to thank you STH for the course and helpful training Selenium webdriver, JAVA and other dependent topics. Thank you to the instrcutor for giving lot of info on technical side and clarifications. It gave me the confidence to start with a new job.

Thank you Vijay for organizing and for all the help.
- Uday

The instructor is very knowledgeable on all parts of Selenium and Webdriver. She was also very knowledgeable about Java as well. Another important aspect of the class was her willingness to spend extra time on a subject until people understood. Last but certainty not least she made the class enjoyable and interesting.
- Brad Winborg

Very interactive detail oriented with lot of material and links to support the learning. Instrcutor is very patient and kind to clear our doubts and repeat some topics again and again. Thank you very much STH for offering the training at reasonable price and making the learning more simple and enjoyable. I very much appreciate your effort.
- lalitha

Course Content:

Note: The Live project is included throughout the training.

Week 1 – Selenium IDE 


  1. Need of Test Automation
  2. Why Open Source Test Automation
  3. Introduction to Various tools of Test Automation
  4. Introduction of Selenium
  5. Selenium Components
  6. First Record and Replay of Scenario in Selenium IDE


  1. Introduction of Web Technologies – HTML, XML, XPath, CSS and DOM
  2. Locators in Selenium
  3. Introduction of Selenese Command Types
  4. Selenium Action Commands
  5. Verification and Assertion Commands


  1. Store and StoreEval – Accessor Commands
  2. Creation of Test Suite
  3. Debugging IDE Script
  4. More on Selenium IDE

Week 2 – Java


  1. Introduction to Java
  2. Setting Development Environment - Eclipse
  3. Walk through of Java concepts
  4. Hello World!
  5. Introduction to Java Data Types
  6. Taking Input from End User


  1. Numerical Data Type and Numerical Operators
  2. Boolean Data Type and Operators
  3. Conditional Statements [IF], and Loop [While]


  1. Conditional Statement[SWITCH]
  2. Loop [FOR]
  3. String Data type and functions
  4. Command Line Parameters

Week 3 – Java


  1. Arrays
  2. Hash Tables/ Map Object
  3. Regular Expression


  1. File Handling
  2. Java OOPs Concept
  3. Concept of Classes and Objects in Java


  1. Concept of Packages in Java
  2. Exception Handling
  3. Debugging in Java
  4. General Java Programming tit-bits

Week 4 – WebDriver


  1. Overview of WebDriver
  2. Introduction to browser specific drivers
  3. Setup WebDriver package on system for eclipse
  4. Set up firebug for Firefox
  5. Exporting pre-recorded test scenario in IDE to WebDriver, and executing it.
  6. Webdriver class files, and their methods


  1. Automating different HTML Elements text fields, buttons, links, check box, drop-down etc
  2. Verifications and Assertions
  3. Parameterization
  4. Synchronization
  5. Desired Capabilities and IE 


  1. Handling Web Table
  2. Handling Drop Down elements
  3. SwtichTo Command -Handling Frames, Popup Windows, Alerts
  4. Brief about Ajax and how to handle Ajax with WebDriver

Week 5


  1. JDBC –Introduction
  2. Components of JDBC
  3. Set JDBC with MYSQL Connector for Java Project
  4. JDBC with MySQL
  5. Introduction of Selenium Grid
  6. Usage of Selenium Grid, executing same test on different browsers


  1. Introduction to Page Object Model
  2. Usage of Page Object Model for DemoSite
  3. What is Test Automation Frameworks
  4. Different Types of Frameworks, overview
  5. Available Test Automation Frameworks on Selenium
  6. JUnit
  7. TestNg


  1. Creating Test using TestNg
  2. TestNg Annotations
  3. Explanation of TestNg XML
  4. Execution of TestNg Tests
  5. Explanation of Testng Folder, and various result files
  6. Parameterize TestNg Test – Data Provider
  7. Capturing screen shots
  8. Custom reporter 

Week 6


  1. Introduction to various Java APIs – Log4J, Apache POI, XML Beans.
  2. Quick Snapshot- Create Logs
  3. Quick Snapshot- Read and Write to Excel Files
  4. Quick Snapshot on – Java Reflection


  1. Demo of Hybrid framework for Selenium
  2. Demo of Keyword Driven Framework for Selenium


  1. Refresh the concepts on selenium
  2. Best Practices in Test Automation
  3. Real time challenges faced in automation.
  4. Sample Interview questions and the answers
  5. Resume Guidance 

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Course Bonuses:

Software Testing Career PackageBonus 1 - Our premium Software Testing Career Package eBook valued $15, yours for free: This is the best source for you to learn complete manual testing concepts. Every crucial aspect of software testing is covered in this eBook. It is a valuable reference source for new software testers, managers, and developers, alike. It has a lot of good information, which is unbelievably practical and easy to understand.

Bonus 2 - ISTQB Premium question bank and study material valued more than $35, yours for free:

Our ISTQB study material will provide everything for you to prepare for this exam. The material is verified by certified ISTQB experts and many students who actually used this material for passing the exam with high scores.

Bonus 3 - Resume review and assistance to prepare a professional resume valued more than $50, yours for free

We will review your resume and help you to make it more effective and professional. We will also help you prepare for an interview by taking mock interview so that you can face any interview confidently.

About the Instructor:

The instructor has more than 10 years of rich experience in the field of computers working on varied domains, technologies, and training. She has hands on Selenium and JAVA working experience in top MNCs. She has vast experience of building frameworks for functional and non-functional testing for the variety of projects. For her work on a keyword driven framework, she holds two provisional patents to her name.

It was my first time to attend online training. There were lot of questions and big hesitation whether I could learn online or not. But it all vanished when I attended the first week's sessions from this training.

The training technique is very good that will really help you in learning-phasing, topic, assignment, reading materials. Video recordings also helped me a lot to revise the training at anytime when I want to learn any concept again.

The instructor very experienced, effective, knowledgeable, understanding, encouraging, very patient, and helpful. She explained same topic again and again till we all understood it.

Thanks for the STH support team and instructor for immediately answering our questions and doubts. It shows that it's not merely a business but concern as well for the learning of people.

Definitely, I will recommend this to all my colleagues!
- Josephine


Teaching the tool along with java concepts was a good feature, this has enabled me to dive into the automation testing within a month as I was not sure where to start when people asked me to start automating using selenium.
- Praveen


Admie the way the training was designed. Instructor handled it really well. I also like the daily emails with the session videos, notes, ppts and assignments etc.
- Baskaran


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We want to make sure we are providing personal attention to each student in order to help you learn and master Selenium WebDriver automation testing tool quickly.


Upcoming Batch Schedule:

Course name: Selenium WebDriver + JAVA Training - weekend batch
Course start date: 28th January 2017
Time: 6.00 AM PST 28th Jan | 9.00 AM EST 28th Jan | 2.00 PM London time 28th Jan | i.e. 7.30 PM IST 28th Jan 2017
Course Duration: 6 Weeks, Saturday-Sunday Batch, 2 days per week, ~3 hours per day. Total 35+ hours of Live training sessions and live project + access to all training videos and bonus material.

Live training sessions will be conducted using the GoToWebinar online training software. You don't need an account. We will send an invitation to join the live sessions.


Pricing and Payment Options:

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Thank you,

P.S We know the importance of your money. Hence we are offering this course for a very affordable price compared to the institutes who are offering 4-5 days crash courses for more than $1500. For sure, we know our hands-on job oriented training from experienced professionals is better than those crash courses. Providing quality training to you is our responsibility. We will use all our experience to make you an expert software tester.  

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